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Hello there! For a first time in Canada, CAD Decor, CAD Kitchens and CAD Decor Pro is available and we have a great offer for you!

With great success in Europe our software created new ways to design interiors for residential and commercial buildings. With CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens you can visualize your ideas and present them to your customer in photorealistic quality of images, videos and Virtual Reality.

Starting on October 1st we are launching our promotion for all business customers to present our software. We are 100% confident that our programs will amaze you and your customers and we decided to create a “Design with 3D Decor Tech” Promo.

General information about promotion:

We will create a FREE design of you kitchen or bathroom and we will send you both pictures and VR files that you can use to present to your customers. Pictures will be send as JPEG or PNG images and VR files will be compatible with our free application ObserVer.

Who can receive a free design?

Any business or self employed person working in interior design, tile store, kitchen cabinet store, custom house builders, construction companies, real estate agents etc.

How to participate in Design with 3D Decor Tech Promotion?

Send your information to our email at with all required information.

What information is required?

  • Your business information, including address, phone number, email and name of contact person
  • Information about the design, for example: room size, window and door measurment’s and location, placement of sinks, cabinets etc.
  • For bathroom designs if you would like us to use tiles from your selection we require catalogue quality pictures of tiles, name, size and finish of tile.
  • For kitchen cabinets and any other interior elements that you would like us to mach with your idea of project please send us pictures of those items and we will mach them with items from our database.

How to measure the room?

Very simple measurments and basic information, you can draw it on peace of paper and send by email to us with rest of the information.


Example of bathroom measurments and project information:

How will we send you the images and VR files?

We will create a gallery with images of the design on our website, post the images on our social media and send all of the images and VR files to you so you can send them directly to your customer.


  • Only one design per customer
  • Designs are selected each week
  • Limited number of designs will be selected
  • Selected designs will be processed with in the next week
  • This service is 100% FREE
  • No purchase necessary

How to use Observer?

You can download observer from this link on our website:

Link to Free ObserVer Application


To start obserVer application just open the downloaded zip file and start the obserVeR.exe file.