CAD Decor 3


Convenient program for designing and visualizing any interior, designed mainly for the salons, bathrooms and interior designers. Extremely comfortable and professional work with wall and floor coverings. Numerous, diverse databases of 3D models, tiles and textures. The estimate of equipment and finishing materials. High-quality visualizations, movies and 3D presentations for mobile devices.
And all this in one intuitive tool!
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Why CAD Decor 3.X?

  • perfect for designing residential or commercial interiors: lounges, bathrooms and bedrooms, simple kitchens, conference rooms and many others
  • complete and precise project is ready within minutes
  • professional valuation, tile documentation for contractors and high quality of visualization
  • useful functions of applying and editing ceramic tiles and option of creation self-made tile arrangements
  • unique option of material consumption optimization
  • instant generation of detailed reports of used coverings: tiles, floorboards, structural plasters
  • extensive databases of 3D models of interior equipment, both universal and by renowned producers delivered with the program (nearly 80 databases)
  • option of creation your own database of 3D models created in Converter 3D, which converts models in many popular formats (DWG, DXF, 3DS, CTM, SKP) to our own DWX file format
  • easy creation of your own 3D decorative elements
  • innovative, interactive environment of the rendering module
  • great variety of options of light edition with real-time results
  • algorithms of Bump Mapping and Ambient Occlusion available in standard version of rendering engine
  • modern creation of the designed interior: visualizations, animations, movies in AVI format in full HD, mobile panorama 360° CAD Share-it

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Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions6 × 4 × 3 in
System and hardware requirements

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