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Render PRO is a modern tool used for very advanced interior rendering. Its main task is ensuring a perfect quality of the visualization in a relatively short calculation time (for example photorealistic visualizations of houses, apartments and commercial facilities). It is an integral part of CAD Decor PRO and an additional module with CAD Decor and CAD Kitchens. With our Render PRO visualization of the interior will be extremely fast and pleasant.

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Radiosity (energy method) – calculates global lighting (GI) (i.e. the distribution of indirect light, reflected from various surfaces and scattered in the scene). The biggest advantage of our method over other methods lies in the fact that once calculated lighting distribution is remembered, allowing you to watch the scene from any point without new calculations. This makes it easier to record movies in the rendered interiors. The GI calculation process is interactive – after you select the START button you can change its settings (GI parameters) and properties of lights (e.g. color, intensity, lighting style) or emission materials (that is any textures with the property of emitting light to the environment), and change color tones (filters analogous to photographic). The program will display the effects of changes after a few seconds.

Ray tracing is a technique used to calculate reflections of rays from mirror objects and refractions when passing through transparent objects. Supplements the scene with rays skipped by the Radiosity method, which only takes into account diffused light. It provides a realistic gloss on metal and ceramics as well as natural glass appearance as well as multiple reflections in mirrors. In the latest version, the whole Ray tracing calculation takes place on the graphics card, which allowed to set its parameters on every computer: 20 break and 20 reflections are analyzed for each ray and 32 samples per 1 pixel are converted! (The program checks 32 times whether a reflected or broken ray hit into a given pixel of the screen). Setting all parameters and the level of quality automatically at the highest level will ensure the best results and definitely facilitate the work of every user. Thanks to this innovative method your arrangement will gain convincing reality.

Path tracing – our new method of calculating global illumination, which also additionally analyzes reflected and broken rays. It combines the Radiosity and Ray tracing. It consists of checking whether a given ray receives a ray from a randomly selected light source, taking into account the reflection and absorption of light by different surfaces (one attempt is a sample, and the program carries out millions of them, so we use mega samples). Each pixel is analyzed separately. Calculations in the highest quality mode last longer than the calculations of Radiosity, but give even better results, sometimes indistinguishable from real photography! Only the current view is rendered and the effects are displayed at the bottom of the screen. The calculation process is interactive – you can change the parameters of materials such as reflections and roughness, operating mode (e.g. from high-quality view), resolution of the resulting image, color tone parameters, and image filters. The Render PRO module at the time of use of this algorithm can support multiple graphics cards, and the calculation speed is scaled proportionally to the efficiency of a single graphics card. Thanks to this, our programs can render one camera shot in parallel, even on a dozen of graphic cards.

Top benefits of the new version of Render PRO

  • rendering speed, thanks to which surprisingly realistic effects are obtained in minutes, not hours
  • friendly interface, facilitating the achievement of photorealistic rendering effects without specialist knowledge
  • help in framing the view in the form of a grid, like in a camera, appearing on the preview of the project
  • a simple change of the “climate” of the scene, thanks to even more color tones filters
  • ergonomics of work, thanks to many resolutions to choose (up to 5760×3240) and three levels of Path tracing, affecting the rendering time: preview, standard and high quality

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System and hardware requirements

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